Amp Up Your Coffee Routine with This Frappuccino Recipe

May 20, 21
Amp Up Your Coffee Routine with This Frappuccino Recipe


I love coffee! You love coffee! We all love coffee! However, at home, do we always have to drink it the same way days in and days out? Aren’t you tired of having that same regular morning black cup of coffee, or implementing that same mundane two sugars and one squirt of cream coffee recipe you have been using by for years. Do not get us wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having your coffee in these types of ways, but in life, sometimes you must spruce it up and live just a little. No longer do you have to get in your car and travel down to your nearest specialty coffee shop for a specialty coffee drink from a professional barista. You can now put on your barista cap and have your own specialty coffee right within your home with the help of a few delicious Cool Coffee Clique specialty coffee recipes. (CCC says thank them later!) However, CCC to the rescue! Let’s start with their first delicious concoction on the list: The Cool Coffee Clique Cool Cookie Frappuccino recipe. Watch the Video below for a live demonstration on making this tasty drink.


When making The Cool Coffee Clique Cool Cookie Frappuccino, you will definitely need 4 ounces of the Cool Coffee Clique Strong AF (and flavorful) Coffee brewed by the stylish Cool Coffee Clique Meet Your Maker Stylish Coffee Maker. It’s the cutest way to brew.

Within a blender add:

*one cup of ice for the cool part of this recipe

* 1/3 of heavy whipping cream

* 2 delicious Oreo cookies

* 1 cup of miniature chocolate chips

*4 ounces of your CCC Strong AF (And Flavorful) Coffee

*2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup

Blend all these ingredients together well. Then pour up a nice cup for you and a friend. For a cute and delicious look top it off with some swirly whipped cream and tasty Oreo cookie crumbles. Now enjoy! Stay tuned Clique for more CCC delicious specialty coffee recipes!

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