Just One Cup of Coffee Can Improve Your Network and Increase Your Net-Worth!

Nov 02, 20
Just One Cup of Coffee Can Improve Your Network and Increase Your Net-Worth!

Coffee shops are starting to become the most effective meeting spots!

For many people, coffee is simply the beverage they drink in the morning because of its delicious bold taste or to feel alert and energized. Coffee can be one of the best networking tools you can utilize to form valuable relationships, to make impactful connections, or to make significant business strides. Not only is coffee the perfect gateway into creating a meeting between two people, but a fantastic cup of coffee is also a great talking point where both parties can informally learn more about each other; since you both will be sharing a friendly moment drinking coffee and possibly discussing business at the same time. You will most likely form a personal connection that can lead to further talks about business ventures, industry experiences, and possible monetary deals. Below we will explore the relationship between a cup of coffee, networking, and increasing your net worth.

Why Should You Attempt to Network Over Coffee?

Coffee is the perfect networking tool for various reasons. First, the beverage is highly effective as a linking tool because of its accessibility. In coffee shops worldwide, you can hear words such as espresso, mocha, cappuccino, roast, coffee bean, latte, Irish coffee, black coffee, green coffee, just to name a few. It is a fluent love language spoken by people who share one significant commonality, the love for COFFEE! Not only is coffee available today in a variety of flavors, but companies such as Cool Coffee Clique and Starbucks are continuing to grow and create more flavor profiles all the time. Coffee is a conversation starter. The informal discussion of your favorite flavors can lead to a more robust conversation. Creating this dialogue method between two people can make it easier to form a rapport before moving on to more pressing matters such as closing deals or maybe even developing a long-term professional relationship. 

A Cup of Coffee and Your Net-worth Correlation. 

Most business meetings are formed to gain more revenue for either party or both potentially. These meeting topics can range from investments to selling goods or services to mentoring or financial literacy. However, one of the worst ways to establish a new business relationship is to come off as being excessively rigid. This behavior can make the person you want to do business with feel a little apprehensive. The goal is to make them feel less pressured so they will comfortably agree to meet with you, possibly at a nearby coffee shop. Professional individuals would sometimes agree to meet for a quick cup of coffee faster than they would decide to take a formal meeting. Meeting at a nearby coffee shop can make the engagement feel less official and more relaxed. This gesture is where improving your network and increasing your net-worth will come into play. Since we have established, talking about the best coffee or the best coffee machine is the perfect conversation starter because the love for coffee is enjoyed by a vastly diverse population. Not only is it a tremendous informal talking point, but it is also a point of reference to learn more about the person you want to engage. This genuine conversation with your newfound business associate can have a major impact on you and give your business just what it needs to be more effective, more successful, and more PROFITABLE.

So, skip asking for a formal meeting, and ask them to join you for a cup of coffee!

Remember, the BEST, the FINEST, the STRONGEST, the BOLDEST, and the COOLEST coffee on the planet, can only be found at Cool Coffee Clique.

Cool Coffee Clique is the ONLY way to start your day!

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  • The networking abilities are priceless and she adds value to your mindset. That is better than any cup I have purchased at Starbucks #LadyMouth

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  • Hi I’m Definitely Not a Coffee Drinker but the Way Courtney Promotes this Brand I Said Why Not. CCC is Branded is Unique Cute & who wouldn’t Want to Support!!!

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  • This coffee is very good. It leaves no bitter after taste and you can actually taste it before adding cream and sugar! I love it… This is a clique I don’t being apart of because it’s one that adds luster to the lives of ALL women and men😉

    - Elvenlen Harvey posted Feb 01, 2021
  • I’m not a coffee drinker BUT I love #CCC and everything that Courtney is doing with this platform. She continues to inspire us, build a sisterhood and most importantly she helps to guide us into being amazing BAWSES like herself. Can’t wait for the tea to launch. I love my heart-shaped mug and my travel mug. #CCC #SpoonSquad

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  • I absolutely love this community. To see and experience how Courtney introduced it to us, to where it is at right now, it’s just mind blowing!
    Keep inspiring us!!
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  • Coffee is indeed great for meeting and networking! I am a coffee fanatic and I am so glad to be in the #CoolCoffeeClique

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  • Love Your Website!!!

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  • Yes! Coffee (Tea) Connections are the absolute best. I love an informal meeting. I enjoy the relaxed vibes, the ability to engage authentically and connect in a down-to-earth setting with others. You never what you will discover in the exchange.

    - Najah Ishman posted Nov 27, 2020

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