The QUEEN of blend has done it again! As Founder and CEO of Olbali, a global multi-brand company, Courtney Adeleye has built her empire from the ground up by incorporating her specialized, science-based knowledge with her desire to create positive change in the lives of people across the globe. Through innovation and extensive research, she does not tackle an industry without making it better than she found it. By creating groundbreaking products that will improve the quality of life, that consumers cannot live without!

Courtney has one rule. If you can’t make it better, don’t make it at all. Coffee was no exception! After many unsuccessful years of searching for coffee that delivered on flavor and strength. She decided to do what she does best, CREATE IT!

While tasting and testing coffee from all over the world, such as Latin America, Central Africa, East Africa, West Africa, India, Indonesia, South-East Asia, Brazil, and Vietnam, she gathered enough research to analyze. She came up with the PERFECT coffee blend that delivered bold flavor and robust strength.

Here, at Cool Coffee Clique, we’re not only known for our Strong “AF” (and flavorful) coffee, we're also known for being a strong “AF” community. We are not just another coffee brand; we are a clique! An elite group of coffee connoisseurs who appreciates coffee being made from uniquely flavored beans that are processed with extra special care in order to deliver an impeccable taste.